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Neon sign

How to Troubleshoot Neon Signs

      A neon light is also known as a luminous tube. This form of lighting is frequently used for signs. The basic design of the neon light is a glass tube with an electrode at one end. The glass tube is full of an inert gas, in this case neon. When a high voltage power source is connected to the light, it will glow. Neon light occurs when voltage causes the gas molecules to lose or gain electrons. There are several troubleshooting steps you can take should your neon light not work properly. Step 1 Check the voltage...

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Neon sign principle of work

Neon glass signs are made of neon tubes bent into shapes and filled with gas. When the electric hits the electrodes in the tubes, electrons flow through the gas, making its atoms glow. The type of gas in the tubes, determine the color of the light.In a clear glass tube, argon gas gives off a steel blue light while neon gas produces red light. To create vivid designs, we can parlay the two base colors into over 80 different colors by using glass tubes that are coated in fluorescent powders. For instance, blue glowing argon gas in a yellow tube,...

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How to make neon signs

Glass tube is the most material in making a neon sign. Tube size approximately 8-15 mm in diameter are heated in portions using many kinds of burners.   The burners have ribbon, cannon or crossfires and also a number of torches that work on a basic mixture of butane, propane or natural gas and air. An electrode is melted to each tip of the tube when it is done.The electrodes are made of lead glass which has a little metal shell with two wires covering through the glass in which the wires of the sign will be connected.All attachments should be seamlessly...

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